Peer Comment (Zhen Yang Loo)

Hey Yang,

I really enjoyed reading your blog. It was full of interesting factual information. I really enjoyed how you included specific details and historical dates and events. This brought me into your blog even more because it included interesting side facts that I didn’t even know of. The only thing that I could see change is that there are some grammatical and spelling errors. This is not a huge problem because your structure was very well done and it was chronologically ordered. You also provided such great information that you barely notice them. They can slow you down when reading but you still want to read on because you wrote about Marvin Gaye in such a good way. I am also glad that you enjoyed Marvin Gaye’s music because he is one of my favorite Motown artists. I also like how you compared the album to Michael Jackson’s Heal The World. I didn’t know the song, and now I can’t stop listening to it. Thank you for sharing the song and your opinions and facts on Marvin Gaye.



Robert Syvret


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