Peer Comment – Ryan Jumper’s Mike Matthews – Electro-Harmonix

Hello Ryan,

I really enjoyed your blog on Mike Matthews and Electro-Harmonix. I am a guitar player myself and I have always been a big fan of the Electro-Harmonix brand. What I really liked is that you took a very popular item and explained its popularity without sounding like a spokesperson. I never knew that Jimi Hendrix used a BigMuff, but that makes sense why his tone is always so killer. If I were you I would have included the other effects that Electro-Harmonix does, like their killer Reverbs and Delays, and their “synth-based” sitar simulator. David Gilmour of Pink Floyd used their flange/chorus on the Wish You Were Here album and made it very popular as well. There were a few misspelled words and grammar errors but nothing that took away from the great information. I really enjoyed reading this blog and look forward to more from you.


Robert Syvret 


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