Electonic Music Innovation – MiniMoog

      If you have ever listened to Progressive Rock, Electronic Music, or most bands with a synthesizer from the early 70’s to present day, then you might have heard a MiniMoog. The MiniMoog was invented 1971 in Trumansburg, New York. At R.A Moog, a man named Robert A. Moog was building Theremins, Guitar Amps, and huge synthesizers. He wanted to make a more portable synthesizer that could be brought on stage, but also wanted the huge sound that his over the top synthesizers brought to a record. He invented the MiniMoog, and since then, synthesizers have never sounded better. It was also one of the first synthesizers/keyboards that had a pitch wheel that could give a whacky bending sound to the notes being played.

     A few artists of the hundreds of artists that featured a MiniMoog in their group were Rush, Yes, Chick Corea, Kraftwerk, Bob Marley, and Gary Numan, Beegees, and Gary Numan. Rush’s more popular songs, Tom Sawyer and Xanadu, use the sound of the MiniMoog to get a cool Analog Lead sound. It is considered one of the most popular Synth sounds. The entire album Autobahn, by Kraftwerk, uses the MiniMoog in excess, and this is an album that had such a huge impact on the world of electronic music. Bob Marley first introduced the MiniMoog to Europe when he played with it on a BBC concert. Gary Numan, another very influential artist, started turning to the MiniMoog because he wanted to, “step away from organic instruments completely.” The fact that the MiniMoog could be used across all genres of music (due to the fact that it is a palate of morph-able, and unlimited sounds) is a huge step up in the music industry, specifically electronic music. The MiniMoog, like stated before, had a Pitch Wheel that could control a bend of the note being played (another first for synthesizers).

     I am a huge fan of Progressive Rock music, and seeing that two of my favorite bands (Yes and Rush) used the MiniMoog to get that iconic synth sound, it very much surprised me. I believe Robert A. Moog was not just an innovator, but he was a true genius because without his invention, I believe that most of the songs and artists made famous by it wouldn’t have had such a huge impact.